Convincing new business contacts at trade shows
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Convincing new business contacts at trade shows

If you want to sell your products, solutions, and services profitably, you should present them to as many interested parties as possible at trade shows. A tool for digital lead capture at trade fairs helps you to make as many new contacts as possible for your company, even in corona times.

Whether it's via cold calling, social selling or landing pages on the company website—if you want to win new customers, there's no getting around new contacts. Once these have  acquired, they must be qualified as new customers within the sales funnel. But not every prospect automatically becomes a customer. To still find enough new customers, companies would do well to collect as many prospects as possible. Since there are particularly large numbers of them, presence and online trade shows are excellent opportunities for this purpose.

Gathering data on new prospects professionally and digitally 

Trade fairs are the meeting place of every industry. The number of potential prospects for your products, solutions, and services is large here—but the same applies to the number of competitors. At your trade fair stand, you should therefore spare no expense or effort to make a good impression on your future new customers. This applies not only to the way you design your booth and present your products, but also to your approach to collecting contact data from new prospects at the booth. To avoid possible chaos of notes, you should therefore use a solution for digital and mobile lead capture at trade fairs when capturing leads at your booth.

Especially in times of Corona—the SIMLEA Lead App simplifies everyday life at the trade fair stand

Especially in times of the pandemic, tools for mobile and digital lead capture at trade fairs—such as the SIMLEA Lead App—significantly simplify your daily trade fair routine. The SIMLEA Lead App captures the contact data of your prospects at the trade fair stand by reading in the data on your prospects' business cards via OCR recognition using their smartphone or tablet. Via an interface, it transmits the data in real time to your internal CRM or ERP system or to your marketing automation solution.

In addition, the application has a team working module. With this, you can, for one, easily pre-enter the contact data of new prospects in draft mode. At the same time, the module's appointment booking function allows you to flexibly and digitally schedule the appointments of your entire staff at the trade fair stand.

Especially in Corona times, you should not do without the contactless capture of business cards via OCR recognition, as well as the draft mode and the appointment booking function of the Team working module at your trade fair stand.

Further advantages of digital lead capture at trade fairs 

But tools for digital lead capture bring even more advantages for you. The SIMLEA Lead App:

  • Captures your trade show booth visitors' data across the board in GDPR-compliant manner.
  • It Is Android and iOS compatible.
  • Can be used online and offline.
  • Recognizes business card data in 27 national languages.
  • Attach sketches to captured leads.
  • Has freely configurable forms

and much more.

Especially in Corona times, all these features will help to convince new prospects at your booth of your products, solutions, and services.


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