SIMLEA® API connects every system

SIMLEA® provides numerous connectors out of the box. This way, you can easily connect your desired system to SIMLEA® and close process gaps in lead generation.

  • Security out of the box. Innovative low code hosted in German data centres.


Data law GDRP compliant

All SIMLEA® servers located in Germany, run on green electricity, and are certified to ISO 27001, so your data is secure within the German jurisdiction.

  • Your IT loves you. Don't bend your IT over a trade show lead APP.


Complex processes in a short time

Adapt the SIMLEA® API to your system requirements in a short time. A graphical interface designs and controls the data flow.

Customer focus entirely without coding processes:


Define in your customer system which data you want to collect and how. Create your individual trade fair forms and data fields in SIMLEA® to be synchronized with your system.


Create a campaign or segment for the event in your system and map the data fields to be transferred.


Get the data flow you need.

Integrations with over 100 systems

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Digitize leads with SIMLEA.

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