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What you should consider when procuring and implementing digital leader capture.

The advantages over a business card scanning APP or operating system functions are data protection and speed of the whole process. Measure the time and number of clicks until you have entered the data of a business card in a database or table. In addition, employee cell phones or various apps are usually unsuitable when it comes to trustworthy handling of customer data.

A tool is a tool, is a tool would François Crépin philosophize. Each software has its specific application focus. At a trade show, the focus is on quickly and easily entering data into a database in a structured way. Tedious typing of business cards, disturbs the workflow and produces errors. Trade fair personnel often not trained with the company-specific CRM. With a specially designed user interface according to their company design, this can be done much easier than in a CRM. You are welcome to make the comparison and stop time and number of clicks.

Some providers, offer in hidden digits and asterisks per user and/or per lead captured. This can drive up costs unexpectedly. Play through the cost case and plan the worldwide or group-wide expansion, the same. Pay attention to the possibility of different language settings.

A stable Internet connection does not affect you at trade fairs, as for the most part mobile phone systems are busy at the same time. Therefore, an offline version of your digital leader capture is essential. With SIMLEA®, the entire leader capture process also works offline on the end device.

Current systems on the market vary in accuracy between 80 and 99%. Further deviations occur due to camera recording quality, lighting conditions, contrast, and sharpness of the image, or the visit card design. Therefore, if you can't live with 95% accuracy, you need to perform a human check to get close to 100%.

Learn news and backgrounds of the digital leader capture.

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Easy realization of hygiene concepts at trade fairs

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A modern and elegant app

The ProMinent group of companies, manufacturer of components has been using the SIMLEA Lead App for ten years.

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Where virtual events reach their limits

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Exhibition companies and digital lead capture

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Recording trade fair contacts in accordance with the GDPR

New trade fair contacts can be recorded digitally with the SIMLEA Lead App.

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Capture trade fair leads digitally at the trade fair stand and transfer them to Salesforce CRM

Enclosed is a video of the interaction between SIMLEA and Salesforce as a CRM solution.

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