Exhibition companies and digital lead capture
Exhibition companies and digital lead capture

How trade fair organizers boost their additional business with this business model

There are around 1,200 trade fair venues around the world. In non-Corona times, all of them taken together organize around 31,000 trade fairs per year on over 34.8 million square kilometres. Due to this large competition, trade fair companies must develop effective strategies when it comes to attracting exhibitors. This is especially true in the corona crisis – after all, considering the rising number of infections, exhibitors will think twice before taking part in a presence trade fair. It is – therefore – crucial for exhibition companies to protect visitors and exhibitors with effective hygiene concepts and to be able to offer them a convincing service portfolio.

In both respects, the cooperation with the supplier of a solution for lead capture at trade fairs is a step in the right direction. When exhibition companies choose to work with such a supplier, they not only make it easier for their exhibitors to comply with the hygiene rules on their booth, but also provide them with numerous other services.


Better services and simultaneous additional income

Whether catering, WLAN hotspots or interpreting facilities – trade fair companies provide their current and future exhibitors with a wide range of services. When they also enter into cooperation agreements with the respective service providers, they also ensure that the services meet their own quality standards. The same applies, of course, to the cooperation with the supplier of a solution for digital lead capture at trade fairs. As soon as a trade fair company enters into such a cooperation, it can directly present a provider of high-quality software to exhibitors who would like to record their new contacts in mobile and digital form. Trade fair companies firstly benefit from this because their range of services improves as a result of the cooperation. Secondly, the trade fair company receives a commission as soon as it can acquire an exhibitor as a customer for the supplier of the solution for lead recording at trade fairs with whom it cooperates.


Applying lead capture profitably at trade fairs

Exhibitors who choose the lead capture solution at trade fairs also benefit from the cooperation. After all, the trade fair company has directly suggested a high-quality tool to them so that they do not have to go through the time-consuming process of comparing alternatives. Besides, the exhibitors benefit during the fair itself. Instead of having to capture the business cards of every single booth visitor via OCR recognition, they simply scan the badges of their visitors during the trade fair. As the lead capture solution and the trade fair company cooperate, the exhibitors have access to the trade fair company’s registration system. So, as soon as they have scanned their booth visitors‘ badges, the exhibitors receive the respective contact details directly from the system. This is possible because – once the badges have scanned – the booth visitors‘ contact details sent via an interface directly to the server of the trade fair lead capture solution. From here, the exhibiting companies can export their booth visitors‘ contact details at any time, Alternatively, they may feed them into their own internal systems via another interface.


Lead capture at trade fairs for greater efficiency at the trade fair booth

If an exhibiting company uses a solution for lead capture at trade fairs that does not cooperate with the trade fair company, the booth staff firstly has to scan the booth visitors‘ business cards using OCR recognition. This OCR recognition does provide more personal data of the booth visitors in numerous instances. After all, visitors often give their companies‘ general e-mail addresses and central telephone numbers when they register with the trade fair company. But after scanning the business cards via OCR recognition, the booth staff has to briefly check whether the date has read correctly. This makes the process of OCR recognition more time-consuming than simply scanning the booth visitors‘ trade fair badges and importing their contact details from the trade fair organizers‘ registration system.

The cooperation between the solution for lead capture at trade fairs and the trade fair company thus enables exhibitors to contact their new contacts as quickly as possible with a follow-up e-mail. Especially, when it comes to capturing numerous leads at the trade fair, exhibiting companies benefit from a solution for lead capture at trade fairs all along the line.


Ensuring distance and hygiene standards – teamwork at the exhibition booth

Ideally, the services, which the lead capture solution provides at trade fairs, are not limited to simply capturing new contacts. Exhibiting companies can also use a team working module to organize their employees‘ entire time management at the exhibition booth. On the one hand, this module enables the employees to pre-enter the booth visitors‘ contact data in the draft mode – for example – at the booth’s information counter. The respective booth employee simultaneously makes an appointment for the interested party to talk to another booth employee at a certain time. Using the appointment booking function, the employee at the information desk can see exactly which employees are currently available, absent, or not available. In this way, coming and going at the booth can be planned perfectly throughout the entire event. Particularly in corona times, companies can use the solution for digital lead capture at trade fairs to reliably ensure that there are not too many visitors at the booth and that distance and hygiene rules observed.


Further factors for capturing leads at trade fairs

In addition to the team working module, a reliable lead capture solution should offer its users numerous other advantages at trade fairs. The application should – for instance – be able to capture business card data via OCR recognition on the smartphone or tablet in several national languages. In addition, it should also be possible to create and save sketches, notes, and photos in specially designed forms during discussions at the trade fair booth both online and offline.

When working with a supplier of a lead capture solution at trade fairs, trade fair companies should guarantee that the lead capture solution provides as many of these services as possible. In this way, the trade fair company can ensure that it offers its exhibitors the best possible service as well as infection protection – so that the trade fair industry's restart will be a success even in corona times.


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